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3 pieces of career advice from successful young CEO’s

As we are growing up and discovering what the future of our lives will hold, we often look towards our successful superiors and reflect on their advice. The following are several inspirational career advice tips from top successful people of all walks of life. Stewart Butterfield: Have an 'experimental attitude.' Stewart Butterfield, the cofounder of Flickr and chief executive of Slack, one of the fastest-growing business apps of all time, recently shared his best advice for young people with Adam Bryant of The New York Times: "Some people will know exactly what they want to do at a very young age, but the odds are low,"...

The power of positivity

  Positivity is a powerful quality not only to help you in your every day personal life, but also in your professional future. The art of being happy lies in the mind and how we train our thoughts to automatically linger towards positive solutions.  Feelings are a result of thoughts, not external  circumstances. It is normal to think external actions and experiences directly affect your mood — we all do it. For example, maybe people assume that a bad job interview is what caused you to feel disappointed. Or that a long to-do list is causing you to feel overwhelmed. Technically, you could...

Internship Success Plan

In today’s fast-changing world of work, your professional career will include many new positions. So for interns or trainees, it’s never too early to learn how to get any new job off to a strong start with a solid internship success plan. Even if your internship has a structured program and a welcoming boss, you’ll have a better experience if you’ve prepped and have goals in mind. Besides the advice you hear everywhere, like “do your research” and “make a good first impression,” here are nine tips for creating your internship success plan: Learn what your superiors want It’s vital to...

Career advice for millennials from Margaret Heffernan CEO of 5 businesses

  The following is an exert from an article by Margaret Heffernan, an inspiring woman in the world of business giving young people career advice about the future work place and career development.   The job requirement no one tells new hires about: Build your social capital. “Social capital is a form of mutual reliance, dependency and trust. It hugely changes what people can do. This is more true now than ever. It’s impossible in modern organizations to know everything that you need to know. What you need are lots of people who know lots of different things. Collectively you’re smarter.   Social capital develops from...

How to identify a great empowering company culture

As the Millennial generation gears up to be the biggest working generation to brace the planet earth, it is important for employees and managers alike to seek out a company culture which drives, retains and motivates employees! Speaking about the values In addition to learning about and living the company’s shared values, a company's believes also need to be clear. Frequent meetings where employees can share their opinions about the strategy of the company, that have an actively listening management, taking notes and ensuring ideas are taken seriously, adds immensely to a great company culture. We, the Millennials, need to be heard and...

The secret to building better teams

For all current managers and aspiring team leaders; here's the secret you need to know. Personality types shape teams and ultimately lead to the success of a project. Ranging from quiet or loud, introverted or extroverted, compliant or argumentative, the best teams balance their unique blend of people to make things happen. This results in the ability to negotiate disruptions or challenges and move forward with action and results.   1. The best teams have a certain level of harmony. While you don’t necessarily want a team where everyone thinks exactly the same, you do want a team that knows how to achieve agreement on crucial...

No, I’m not just a student- how to be taken seriously as a young professional

As Gen Y’s, we are often accused of being too casual both in attitude and in dress. No matter how much we wish that the more laid back values would be shared among also the older colleagues, we just cant rely on it if we want to be credible young professionals. Here are a few tips on how to be taken seriously.   Dress like a pro.  Take a look around your office at those who are in positions you’d eventually like to be in and see what they’re wearing. Copy them (assuming it’s appropriate).  Always make sure you look 'put...