Why hospitality skills will help you in every other field

The HospitalitistHospitality Why hospitality skills will help you in every other field

Why hospitality skills will help you in every other field



Something positive about part-time student jobs: it makes us tougher! Ever wonder how those late nights working at restaurants and events will help you in your future career? Here is your answer; hospitality has many transferable skills which can be welcomed in every working sector. The following are a few.

Resilience:  Students with part-time jobs, especially in the hospitality industry, have shown that they can balance the stress of a physically demanding job and university, as well as social life. They have proven to be more active and passionate to reach their career goals.

Teamwork: Working in a restaurant or café environment can be high-stress and fast-paced. The ability to work as part of a team, as well as working in your designated role is a necessary skill, and one that is valuable in all professional environments.

Communication skills: Regular contact with new people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse ways of expressing their needs, wants, instructions and opinions means constantly adapting your communication style – a skill that will come in handy in ever direction of life; professional or personal.

Customer service skills: The customer is always right, and no one knows this better than the service industry. It takes a special kind of person to be able to maintain courtesy and professionalism when dealing with difficult people.

Multitasking ability: From taking several orders at once, to checking in with the status of those orders, resolving complaints and more, all while staying on your toes, working in the service industry is not for the faint hearted; future employers will see that you are tough.

Patience: Customer service, diplomacy, multitasking…it all has to be done with a smile on your face and the patience of an angel. Those whom have worked in the service industry know this first hand, and chances are, they’ll be able to apply this virtue to the position they’re applying for.

Take these hospitality skills and bring them into every workplace for success !



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