How to identify a great empowering company culture

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How to identify a great empowering company culture


As the Millennial generation gears up to be the biggest working generation to brace the planet earth, it is important for employees and managers alike to seek out a company culture which drives, retains and motivates employees!

Speaking about the values

In addition to learning about and living the company’s shared values, a company’s believes also need to be clear. Frequent meetings where employees can share their opinions about the strategy of the company, that have an actively listening management, taking notes and ensuring ideas are taken seriously, adds immensely to a great company culture. We, the Millennials, need to be heard and feel involved!

Celebrating success and failure

Instead of annual performance reviews, frequent informal feedback conversations are of high importance, identifying what went well, areas for improvement, and what resources are needed for further support. It is essential to not only celebrate the wins, but to ‘celebrate’ the failures, as they are milestones for learning. In general, most of the time pressure and sanctions are unnecessary. What employees need to know is that there is a supportive atmosphere in the company, to ensure one can develop and excel in your field.


Communication is powerful and silence can be a killer! When you have no idea what the company is trying to accomplish, what your role is in the desired outcomes, or if your career path is uncertain, you’ve got your answer: Your employer needs some help in creating the kind of culture Millennials want to be part of.


By Akvile Varnelyt

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