Talent: the new description of an employee

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Talent: the new description of an employee

Ever wonder how your job title as a Talent will actually mean something on your CV, and if your future employer will appreciate your talent in flexibility, passion for the job, ability to receive feedback and communication skills?

Anybody can say, “Our company is powered by our talent”. However, if a leader’s actions do not reflect that their Team matters more to them than policies in a dusty manual, then they do not really know what the term “valuing talent” means. You deserve better!

The following are several things you can evaluate during your work experience at a company, to help you to come to a conclusion.


A company’s recruiting process gives you clear signals about the importance of people to the firm’s success. If the process is fast, warm and human, that’s a huge sign that you’re going to like the job. However if the recruiting process is slow, bureaucratic, cold and lack of interest only when it suits them, then don’t expect your needs and options to develop to be their first priority when you are on the job either.


If your company values or your individual manager says that you can have flexibility in your schedule or in other ways (like letting you work from home sometimes), that’s a great signal that you mean more to them than just a little box in an organizational chart. If the rule of thumb at your organization is “Everybody walks into work at the same time, no exceptions, and no one gets to leave early” then any talk of “talent” is just empty talk to lure you into a position.


The most evolved companies have already gotten rid of performance reviews, but the ones who still conduct them make the process an open and collaborative one with a two-way conversation taking your opinions on board. If your company’s review process is an impersonal grading form, which will go into the manager’s file, then you know how they feel about talent. Additionally, if your manager also tells you “I would have given you a higher rating, but I have to grade everyone on an even scale, even though I think you are much better than this” then it’s clear: Your company knows nothing about retaining talent.

Talents of The Hospitalitist are highly valued and we hope that you can take these tips with you to your next work place in your exciting path to reach your career goals!

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