Time management – the amazing benefits of an early start

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Time management – the amazing benefits of an early start

“Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day.”

― Glen Cook, Sweet Silver Blues


Time management in a Millennial’s world: study, work, hobbies, friends, social outings, late nights…… Who has time to sleep? AND to wake up early? The early risers seem like a supernatural human being to some of us – we find ourselves asking: how do they do it each and every day? To make it more hurtful to the conscience, we keep hearing that the world’s most successful people are the ones who wake up early!

Most of us are haunted by the same demons; staying up too late, convincing yourself that extra sleep is essential to your well-being, the demonic snooze button, it’s so cold and wet outside (my bed will solve that problem), and so on. Time for a change!

Here’s how:

  1. Focus on the benefits

Medical studies show that early risers are more proactive, are able to deal with problems better and that a habit of early mornings makes people happier.

  1. Silence the morning demons

We all recognize the morning stress: I’m late, I have so much to do today, how will I get all of it done: all of the excuses that we use to stay in bed and hit the snooze just once more. By intentionally waking up earlier and facing the day with a positive outlook of a relaxed early morning instead of the snooze rush, you immediately enter a whole new world of positivity and productivity.

  1. Start slow

So we are not all supernatural! Start gradually. If you need to be in school/work at 9am every day, and are currently waking up at 8.30am, however your goal is 7am, follow a gradual build up to create a realistic and sustainable pattern for your body and mind:

  1. Week 1 wake up time: 8:30 am
  2. Week 2 wake up time: 8 am
  3. Week 3 wake up time: 7 am
  1. Prepare the night before

Preparation is the key to every success; this also applies to early mornings.

Lay out your clothes, put your alarm clock across the room and not beside your head, ensure you have breakfast, make your to do list for the next day, check your agenda: mentally prepare.

  1. Establish a routine

Make a morning routine: if food makes you happy, start with breakfast, if you rather shower first, go ahead. Early mornings don’t have to be torture, adapt them to your preferences. However this brings us on to the next point:

  1. Do not start your morning with junk

And not talking food but social media! Why start your day with other people’s lives and priorities. Get up turn on the news or some music and focus on yourself and the great day ahead of you!

  1. Never hit the snooze button

There is neuroscience behind this one, alarms are not natural and our body is not made to comfortably wake up to a disruptive noise every morning cutting our sleep, the snooze button only makes this worse; the following video will tell you how:

  1. It’s all in your mind

If you tell yourself you are going to get enough sleep regardless of the time you wake up, your subconscious will follow and believe you. We can trick our own minds! It’s midnight and UGH I am never going to make it tomorrow at 7 am, sounds familiar? Your thoughts rule your reactions. Make it a positive one!

  1. Now that I have extra time in the morning: what to do ?

Read a newspaper, go for a walk, run, yoga, meditation, create a reward for yourself in the evening, make a cup of coffee or green tea… list is endless make it positive! Engage your body and mind.



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